Dr. Abhinav Sharma discusses coronary revascularization in diabetic patients with Dr. Michael Faroukh

Dr. Faroukh’s group presented a patient-level meta-analysis of diabetic patients in COURAGE, BARI-2D, and FREEDOM — trials examining different options for revascularization. The meta-analysis showed that CABG was superior to PCI for reducing clinical outcomes in diabetic patients with double and triple vessel disease, even those without proximal LAD disease.

Dr. Amit Vora presents his poster on outcomes with TAVR versus medical management in patients with severe aortic stenosis and severe LV dysfunction

Using the Duke echocardiogaphy databased, Dr. Vora and his collaborators compared patients with LV systolic dysfunction and severe AS that underwent TAVR to a matched cohort of patients that were medically managed. In multivariate analysis, patients undergoing TAVR had superior outcomes.