Featured research from Duke cardiology and DCRI fellows at ACC.16

Dr. Ann Marie Navar discusses sex differences in the results of the PROMISE trial with Dr. Neha Pagidipati

Dr. Pagitipati, a DCRI fellow, presented her secondary analysis of the PROMISE trial in a featured clinical research session at ACC.16. Along with her co-authors, she found that, in women, CT angiography is less likely to be positive than functional stress testing, but that if a CTA is positive, it is associated with a greater incidence of cardiovascular events. Her findings were simultaneously published in JACC.

Dr. Abhinav Sharma discusses coronary revascularization in diabetic patients with Dr. Michael Faroukh

Dr. Faroukh’s group presented a patient-level meta-analysis of diabetic patients in COURAGE, BARI-2D, and FREEDOM — trials examining different options for revascularization. The meta-analysis showed that CABG was superior to PCI for reducing clinical outcomes in diabetic patients with double and triple vessel disease, even those without proximal LAD disease.